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 #2 Cum iti pui avatar si semnatura?

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#2 Cum iti pui avatar si semnatura? Empty
PostSubject: #2 Cum iti pui avatar si semnatura?   #2 Cum iti pui avatar si semnatura? Icon_minitimeSun Oct 18, 2009 7:02 am

Si aici este simplul.

1. Semnatura:

Profile ----> Signature (bara de sus)----> Introduci un text sau o imagine mica ( link-ul imagini este sub forma 'IMG Code' )---->Save

O puteti modifica urmand tot pasi de mai sus.
Aceasta nu va aparea numai daca urmati urmatori pasi:
Profile--->Preferences---->Always attach my signature (click pebulina din stanga lui 'Da')---->Save

2. Avatarul:

Profile---->Avatar----> Introduceti 'Direct Link-ul' in casuta alba----> Save
Il schimbati tot ca si mai sus.


The awakening falling in place
I raise a tragic smile to the sky taking on a crimson cast
Pure white wings flutter to the sky, foreshadowing the future...
#2 Cum iti pui avatar si semnatura? Sig-2
Wings of the angel losing their colors, the first words
Such... sound of reminiscence of the wings

さよなら 言わないよ また会おう
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#2 Cum iti pui avatar si semnatura?
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